I am proud to serve as President of the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation Endowment, and look forward to working with our community to exceed our goal of growing the endowment to $20 million by 2020.  We need parents, grandparents, alumni, business owners, in fact, all of our residents to help us in the effort. If you believe in the power of an excellent public-school education and its impact on the future of our community, please contribute.

Strong schools build strong communities. They help protect property values and strengthen community ties. Our public schools are an integral part of what we cherish about Manhattan Beach and how we connect with one another.

The MBEF Endowment provides ours schools with a stable and consistent source of funding. Funding that is NOT subject to the vagaries of the economy or the whims of Sacramento.

This funding ensures that every student has access to personalized learning in smaller classes, comprehensive support and counseling services, and a strong, well-rounded academic program – with enrichment opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Music & the Arts, Physical Education, and Reading, Writing & Libraries.

By supporting the MBEF Endowment, you strengthen our schools now and for generations to come. You create community, support innovation, and help send our students into the world with the skills they need to become the next generation of leaders.

Thank you for joining us in this effort. Let’s make our $20M by 2020 Campaign something that each one of us is proud to be a part.

Mike Duckworth