“Great schools today, great schools forever”. This is the goal of the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation and the MBEF Endowment — two great organizations, with a shared mission to provide excellent education in our community. MBEF exists to support quality public education here in Manhattan Beach today, while the Endowment works to provide a continuing and sustainable funding source that will expand and enhance the quality of public education in Manhattan Beach, now and for generations to come.

As a myriad challenges continue to face public education in our state, the Endowment’s support will become even more crucial. We at the MBEF Endowment have one mission – to grow the Endowment through our partnerships with community members and parents. Ambitious gifts from our supporters, and strong long-term investment returns will enable MBEF to achieve its goal of great Manhattan Beach public schools forever. So no matter what happens to state budgets and funding, our public schools will continue to achieve the level of excellence all children deserve.

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Patterned after successful university endowment funds, the MBEF Endowment continues to generate sustainable gains year after year for longer-term growth. Today, thanks to the generous support of community members and parents, the Endowment is over $12 million and continuing to climb. The fund follows a prudent, long-term investment strategy overseen by the Endowment’s Chief Investment Officer, Rich Weiss, our Investment Committee and the Endowment Board of Directors.

The Endowment’s assets are invested to create a stable return that will help fund MBEF, and our schools, for generations to come. Consistent with the Endowment’s Investment Policy Statement, which sets forth the specific investment guidelines, the Endowment is invested across a well-diversified portfolio of investments. Since the implementation of this Investment Policy in early 2005, the Endowment portfolio has out-preformed all comparable benchmarks.

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In 2014 the MBEF Endowment made its first disbursement of $116,000 to MBEF to use in districtwide grants for the 2014-2015 school year. The annual grants from MBEF to MBUSD pay for teachers and programs, and increase per pupil funding by 10%.  The grants made to MBUSD continue to make our schools top in the state and our community a wonderful place in which to live and raise a family. You may learn more about the Endowment’s Disbursement Policy, which outlines the details of the yearly Endowment disbursement to MBEF.

By contributing to the MBEF Endowment now or providing for it in your estate plan, you can help us reach our long-term goal of creating stable and secure funding for the Manhattan Beach public schools.  We invite our alumni, friends and neighbors to partner with us in enabling students to receive an exceptional educational experience, and teachers the resources to do their finest work for many years to come! You are investing in the both the future of our schools and our community. What better legacy to leave for future generations of Manhattan Beach’s children.

If you would like to make a gift to the Endowment today, you can do so online, making a gift of cash or appreciated securities. You can also arrange automatic payments from your credit card on a monthly, quarterly or multi-year basis. 

Members of the Professional Advisory Committee are available to answer your questions about adding the MBEF Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your estate plan.  Of course, we strongly recommend that you seek qualified independent financial and/or legal counsel.  Click here for more information on providing for the Endowment in your estate planTo contact a Professional Advisory Committee member offering a free initial consultation, or to talk to a staff member of the Endowment, please call 310-303-3342 or email Hilary Mahan, Executive Director.