The MBEF Endowment

MBEF Endowment Fund: Great Schools Forever.

The MBEF Endowment protects our schools from the erratic fluctuation of state funding by creating a long-term, secure funding source. Through ongoing contributions and prudent fiscal management, the MBEF Endowment principal has grown to more than $13M, and this year, the Endowment disbursed $250K to fund MBEF programs. Our goal is to reach a point where the annual return on investment is enough to make up for the shortfalls in public school funding.

Who should give to the Endowment? Parents. Alumni. Parents of Alumni. Grandparents. Business Owners. Longtime residents. New arrivals. Anyone who believes in the power of an excellent public school education, and the extraordinary impact that great schools have on the community as a whole.

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Mira Costa Class of 2018

The MBEF Endowment has created a fund honoring Mira Costa’s graduating class through the Class of 2018 Forever Fund. We invite parents, grandparents and students to consider a donation that will help ensure that Manhattan Beach will have great schools forever.

There is so much we can do to strengthen and improve our schools. Funding to our District continues to fall short. MBEF is charged with creating a significant source of sustainable funding, and we look to our Endowment to help fulfill that need. Every gift to the Class of 2018 Forever Fund, no matter the size, will have an impact on the quality of our schools for generations to come. All donors will be recognized in the 2018 Annual Report & Honor Roll, the graduation program, as well as in our electronic newsletters.

There is a lot to be proud of as we approach the end of this school year. Please join the Forever Fund and make a lasting investment in our community.

To honor your graduate with a gift, Click here.

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