Members of the Endowment Advisory Council are available to answer your questions and help you determine how the MBEF Endowment best fits your lifestyle, financial planning, and philanthropic goals.

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The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF)
provides critical funding for the Manhattan Beach public schools. Our grants comprise nearly 10% of the school district’s budget and fund approximately 70 educators each year. Because of generous community support, we have more teachers, which means smaller class sizes, counselors, librarians, and enrichment opportunities including music, science labs, reading and writing specialists, and physical education. Many of these programs and positions would be eliminated if not for private donations.

But the need goes well beyond the immediate future. That’s why the MBEF Endowment was created.

The MBEF Endowment Fund
The MBEF Endowment protects our schools from the erratic fluctuation of state funding by creating a long-term, stable, independent and secure funding source. Through ongoing contributions and prudent fiscal management, the MBEF Endowment has grown to more than $13M. Our goal is to reach a point where the annual return on investment is enough to make up for shortfalls in public school funding.

Every Child Benefits Every Day From a Donation to MBEF and the Endowment
We’ve come together – parents, community members, business leaders and educators – to ensure that Manhattan Beach will have great public schools – now, and for generations to come. It takes a village, so we are here to ask for your support in this important endeavor.

With careful planning, you can maximize your charitable giving while taking advantage of income, gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax benefits. A wide range of gift planning choices present opportunities to safeguard your financial security, realize tax advantages, and contribute to MBEF’s financial well-being.

StrongSchoolYour Donations, Not Property Taxes, Keep our Schools Strong
California isn’t like other states that allow counties to set property tax rates to fund the kind of schools residents want. Proposition 13 reduced property taxes and took away a school district’s ability to tax its community to support its schools. Today the state establishes school funding levels and California’s funding level is among the lowest in the nation.

Who Should Give
Parents. Alumni. Parents of Alumni. Grandparents. Business owners. Longtime residents. New arrivals. Anyone who believes in the power of an excellent public school education, and the extraordinary impact that great schools have on the community as a whole.

An Investment in our Community
Any real estate agent will tell you: The only thing that matters more than location is – location. And living in a community with great schools is a Big Deal. Strong schools are the hallmark of a great community. They help protect property values and strengthen community values. Our schools are an integral part of what we love about Manhattan Beach. Always have been. And with your help, they always will be.

By supporting MBEF and the MBEF Endowment, you make this possible. You create community, support innovation, and help send our students off into the world with a solid foundation and the skills they need to become the next generation of leaders.

Gifts to the Endowment Can Come in Many Sizes and Forms, Each with Important Tax Benefits.
Whether you want to put your donation to work immediately or design a plan that benefits MBEF far into the future, you can feel good knowing you are giving to the future students of Manhattan Beach.

• Gifts of Cash: The simplest way to help grow the Endowment is to write a check or make a donation with your credit card at

Donate Shares of Stock and/or Securities: If you have held a stock for more than one year and it has increased in value, you can transfer the appreciated stock to the MBEF Endowment. This enables you to take the full fair market value as a tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.

Gifts of Real Estate: Making a gift of real estate can help you avoid capital gains tax for the appreciation of the property, and can be made outright or through an income-producing gift arrangement. If you are interested in making a gift of real estate but would like continued use of the property, you may consider a retained life estate.

Retirement Plans: Retirement plans can be subject to income, estate, and generation-skipping transfer taxes when the owner dies and the final distribution is made to heirs. You can eliminate this double tax liability by naming the MBEF Endowment as the beneficiary of your IRA, pension, 401(k) or other retirement savings plan.

Life Insurance: If you own life insurance policies that are no longer needed for your estate planning, you can change the beneficiary to the MBEF Endowment.

Name the MBEF Endowment in Your Will or Living Trust: You may make a provision for the MBEF Endowment when you have your will or living trust drafted, or a bequest may be added by amending your existing will or trust. There is no minimum amount for a bequest, and gifts can be made with cash, securities, real estate, tangible personal property, or retirement plan assets. The value of a charitable bequest is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. Please make sure that your bequest lists the beneficiary as the “Manhattan Beach Education Foundation Endowment, a nonprofit organization located in Manhattan Beach, California.” We would be pleased to provide you with sample bequest language for inclusion in your will or trust.

Create a Life Income Gift: There are special plans that provide not only an immediate income tax charitable donation deduction, but may also offer additional benefits such as life income and avoidance or deferral of capital gains taxes. Examples are Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable
Remainder Trusts, and Charitable Lead Trusts.

Donor Advised Funds: A donor advised fund can help you realize your philanthropic goals by combining the flexibility of a private foundation with the tax advantages of a public charity. A donor advised fund allows you to make a charitable contribution to the fund and receive an immediate tax benefit. You may contribute as frequently as you like, and recommend a grant to MBEF and other favorite charities from the fund when you are ready.

If you have any questions, please call or email our Professional Advisory Committee.
For help making a planned gift please call (310) 303-3342